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“I call my love for cycling “pure” because I never give an excuse for skipping it to do something else,” says Thomas N Salzano a popular cyclist. Thomas Salzano has observed that many people joining cycling just because they want to lose weight or they think it’s trendy to ride around.

Thomas Salzano thought of giving some more valid reasons to love cycling which may enlighten passion for cycling in you. Here is what he has to share with us:

Yes! It’s healthy

Cycling keeps your body fit is something everyone is aware of. The calorie-burning advantage that cycling has is commonly known but in addition to this cycling release hormone called endorphins, in the human body which can create a mood of happiness.

Therefore cycling is good for mental health and growth.

Thomas N Salzano - Bicycle Lover

It’s social work if you are willing to do it

Nowadays the cycling communities are coming up with events and competitions for raising funds for a cause. If you are willing to do so and contribute for the good cause you are free to participate and add your bit to the social cause.

It’s free and Environmental friendly

No cost of fuel we all know about this advantage and no air or noise pollution is caused by cycling. A cyclist can never harm the environment just remember to keep a garbage packet with you when you ride.

The feeling of achievement

The people who are beginners start cycling for a reason. The reason to lose weight, to learn cycling, to make a career or even for fun. When the goal is achieved you can never imagine the happiness you will feel until you experience it for real.

Thomas N Salzano - Former cyclist

Cycling is Fun

The freedom and adventure opportunity that you get adds up to the advantages of cycling. The ride to downhill will give you a feeling of speed, pure panic, and exhilaration making it more fun and exciting for the riders. These are a few reasons why you should love cycling, says Thomas N Salzano and enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful valleys while you ride.

Thomas N Salzano – Love Cycling
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