Thomas N Salzano – Two Cycles on the Stand

Thomas N Salzano Cycle events

Cycles have become a symbol of health today but for me, cycles are my childhood companions says Thomas N Salzano, a bicycling lover. While thinking of his past journey as a cyclist he is amazed as he never thought that he will be able to see the 2 cycles on the stand after the dark day when he met with an accident.

Thomas N Salzano Cycle Tour

Thomas N Salzano had to stop his cycling career after the accident and thought of selling his cycle to get a new one for his daughter. The next morning as he asked her daughter to join him to select her new bike, she took him to the backyard saying “I have to show you, something Dad.”

The moment was not as expected by Thomas, as he had tears in his eyes. The reason was as pure as his love for cycling. His little daughter and wife gifted him a new cycle which he dreamed of with a note written on his old cycle saying “ Never Give Up as You are Our Inspiration and Strength.”

Thomas N Salzano - Bicycle Lover

After this beautiful moment, Thomas Salzano promised his family that he will never give up on his passion for cycling and neither will he sell his cycle ever. This is the reason he keeps motivating others to never give a reason for not being able to live your passion.

Thomas N Salzano – Two Cycles on the Stand
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