Thomas N Salzano: How to Clean Your Bike?

Cleaning a bike is no rocket science but certainly, have some steps that should be followed to clean it in the right way, says Thomas N Salzano a biker by profession and a blogger. We all like to keep our bikes clean and that’s why it is equally important to know the right way to clean it.

Although there is no wrong way as such, still let’s check if you follow all the steps that are required to keep a bike clean.

Thomas N Salzano - Former cyclist
Below are the steps to clean your bike shared by Thomas:
  • Clean the chain of your bike with a brush and remember that you can not use the same brush to clean any other part of the bike.
  • Clean the bike rotors/rim and make sure no dust stays there for long.
  • Wash your bike with detergent water at least once a week or after every ride that makes your bike dirty.
  • Use a brush (not the brush that you used for the chain) even when washing your bike with clean water to wash away the dirt that is still on the bike.
  • Rise and dry your bike, also apply lube to the chain of your bike.
Thomas N Salzano - Bicycle Lover

These are the steps that should be followed when cleaning your bike, don’t miss out any as each set is important to keep your bike shining, says Thomas Salzano.

Thomas N Salzano: How to Clean Your Bike?

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