Thomas N Salzano: Should you Wear a Mask While Riding Your Bike? Yes or No?

The year 2020 is filled with questions about health and precautions that one should take in the pandemic situation of a coronavirus outbreak, say, Thomas N Salzano. To adapt to the concept of social distancing in the year 2020 people have opted for bikes instead of public transport but have an issue with wearing a mask while riding.

People keep posting questions related to wearing a mask or not, even some have started sharing their experience especially troubles while wearing a mask and riding the bike.

Thomas N Salzano - Bicycle Lover

With an attempt to share the correct information here are some pointers that Thomas N Salzano feels every rider should know before they step out with a mask to ride their bike: 

Recommendations from the Centers For Diseases Control and Prevention

The authorities suggested that you SHOULD wear a mask even while riding, even the doctors have suggested wearing a mask even while you’re exercising, and cycling. Don’t avoid wearing a mask when riding in a crowded place. 

Experts views

When we say experts we mean the doctors, the experts have made it mandatory to wear a mask to avoid the spread of the COVID-19. Doctors say that breathing harder while riding or while you exercise, may bring more viruses into the air which is why a mask is important for you to wear. 

Issues with masks and cycling

Wearing a mask also has a few drawbacks so you need to be careful with the masks you choose to wear while riding your bike. Sweat and difficulty breathing are two major concerns for now but riding without the mask on is riskier.

Choose a mask that is a structure more around your nose to reduce fogging your glasses. In terms of the fabrics of the mask, opt for something moisture-wicking or with microfibers. Also, make sure that the fit is good so that you do not struggle hard while riding to adjust your mask.

Thomas N Salzano - Bicycle Lover

Other Rider’s Experience

The riders like Thomas N Salzano also support wearing a mask while riding a bike. Thomas suggests that you should ride slow so that breathing does not become an issue. Also, break your journey in parts, and stop for a while at a place that is less crowded. In case, you have breathing issues like asthma, you should avoid riding a bike as it becomes a bit difficult to breathe with a mask on.

As a precaution, a mask and also the gloves are a must so do consider wearing both while you ride. Also, if you still have doubts do consult a doctor, be alert of the symptoms and strictly follow the social distancing is what Thomas Salzano suggests to everyone. Stay safe and healthy.

Thomas N Salzano: Should you Wear a Mask While Riding Your Bike? Yes or No?

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