Cycling Tips By Thomas N Salzano For Cycling Uphill

Riding uphill requires little more effort than usual, says Thomas N Salzano, a professional cyclist. He feels that many cyclists avoid riding uphill due to the fear of not being able to and miss the chance of learning how to ride uphill, especially the new riders.

Thomas N Salzano - Bicycle Lover

So for all those who are willing to learn how to ride uphill here are some tips shared by Thomas N Salzano that will help you learn the basic tricks:

Your Body Weight Matters

With strong legs and core if your body weight is less you have a plus point that will make your uphill ride easy. For the rides with heavyweight riding uphill become a little more difficult than others. Also, it does not mean that you need to immediately start losing weight if you want to ride uphill.

The catch here is if your body weight is average you will be able to ride uphill with all ease.


The Weight of the Bike

The weight of the bike also matters if you have a lighter bike it is easier to ride uphill. This tip is helpful for all the riders, prefer to buy a bike that weighs lighter. It might be costly but is suitable for all kinds of rides, especially for uphill. 

Fitness Facts

Fitness is the key element, Thomas says. For professional cyclists fitness is the first thing that they focus on. Fitness training improves your heart and lung capacity over a period of time. Strong legs are important and we are aware of this fact. So do focus on your fitness as a rider. 

Good Gearing

The gearing of your bike is very important even if you are not riding uphill. The standard cycle chainset is typically fitted with a 52/39 or 53/39 crank. But what helps the most is your strong legs, as it’s no point focusing on your gears if your legs are too tired to ride.

Thomas N Salzano - Former cyclist

Top Cadence

Spin your pedals at about 80-100rpm for great efficiency to ride uphill. For riding uphill you simply drop down the gears to find an easy ratio to keep turning the pedals quickly and smoothly. The important point here is that for good cadence you need strength, fitness, endurance, resolve, and generous gears. 

Stand from your seat

There comes a point where it becomes hard for you to keep riding while sitting on your seat.  Riding for long hours makes your heart pump fast which is why it is suggested that you should stand and continue riding. You need to keep doing the stand- sit riding to make your body comfortable during the long uphill rides.

Great Momentum

To build up your speed you need to have great momentum. You can not suddenly start riding uphill. The best that you can do here is to use the flat or descending section before it to build up speed.

Level the Corners

For a smooth ride uphill try riding the steeper inner curve of the corners. Try to ride at the flattest point, this is one golden tip that is helpful for you.

Stay Focused and Keep Practicing

Do not lose your focus and keep practicing as that’s how you will achieve perfection and overcome your fears. Also include some training sessions to your schedule to prepare your body for a long uphill ride.

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These are some basic tips shared by Thomas Salzano for the riders planning to ride uphill. As said before riding uphill is not that difficult, but you need to focus on some particular things like the strength of your legs, health issues, etc. Thomas suggests practicing uphill rides on a less busy road so that it is easy for your companion or trainer to help you out.

Cycling Tips By Thomas N Salzano For Cycling Uphill

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