Thomas N Salzano: Cycling as a Part of Daily Life

Cycling is becoming popular among the millennials followed by the young generation of today, says Thomas N Salzano, a former cyclist, and a health blogger. With the busy life schedule and increasing health awareness people, these days have considered cycling as an effective exercise in their daily life.

Cycling has gained huge attention in terms of daily transport considering both, the environmental as well as health factors.  Schools and colleges have also started promoting cycling as a medium for transport, with a pure intention to spread awareness about the daily benefits of cycling.

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Let’s take a look at some points shared by Thomas N Salzano on “ways in which you can make cycling a part of your daily life” 

  • Commute

There are many among you who are not comfortable riding a bike for work as a medium to commute. It is understood that people do not feel confident using a bike for a long-distance journey like from home to work. In this case start with baby steps, like using your bike to go out shopping for groceries to your nearby market, and places that are near to your home.

This way you will gain confidence in riding a bike for a long time and will be able to incorporate it as a medium of transport that is economical and has plenty of health benefits.

  • Socialize

These days we look for reasons to connect and spend quality time with our loved ones. So as a health activity ask your friends or join your kids to go on a bike ride. Spending a daily 20-30 minutes riding a bike with your loved ones will uplift your mood and will give a quality time to interact with them. 

  • Cycling for a Cause

Motivation is something that keeps you going, says Thomas N Salzano. These days there are hundreds of events and awareness campaigns and marathons that motivate people to join them for a cause. Cycling for a cause is one of the popular activities that people are engaged with to spread awareness and at times collect funds for a good cause.  There are many NGOs that organize a weekly cycling voluntary campaign that you can join to motivate yourself and others to join the noble cause.

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  • Daily Exercise

As per the current pandemic situation, there are many gyms that are closed, and on the other hand, people do not feel comfortable joining a gym keeping the pandemic guidelines in mind. The best alternative to fitness is cycling daily and will help you keep up with your physical activities and boost your stamina. Cycling was always considered the best exercise for daily routine, and it’s the best time to get started with such activities for your fitness and health. 

  • The Mental Health Effects of Cycling

The daily stress in our life has an impact on our mental health, that makes us stay home and stay away from physical activities. But studies claim that physical activity like cycling on a regular basis has a physiological effect, that helps reduce stress and better sleeping habits.

Those who are having a tough time, and are looking for ways to work on mental peace should definitely incorporate cycling as physical activity in their daily life

Thomas N Salzano Cycle Tour

Cycling is good for health if done keeping in mind factors like stamina, and other health issues that you are currently dealing with, says Thomas N Salzano. We all can put in efforts to incorporate cycling as fun as well as a healthy activity especially for those who have a busy work schedule that keeps them away from physical activities on a daily basis.

Thomas N Salzano: Cycling as a Part of Daily Life

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