Month: June 2021

Thomas N Salzano: How Can We Maximize the Mental Benefits of a Good Ride

“Cycling has millions of health benefits depending on the factors like your age and time during etc,” says Thomas N Salzano a professional biker and a sports blogger. He says that there are so many adults that practice cycling just because of a number of health benefits. Especially for those who have a busy schedule and get no time for physical activities. Also, on the other hand, cycling is also connected with mental health benefits which is why these days you will see many adults indulge in fitness activities like cycling. Thomas N Salzano, says that “people get easily motivated once they know what are the benefits of the activities they are planning to get started with” Based on thesis […]

Thomas N Salzano: List of Most Common Bicycle Types

These days bicycles are trending and so has the demand for bikes increased, says Thomas Salzano, a professional biker and a famous blogger. But the fact is there are so many different types of bicycles available in the market that it becomes difficult to decide which one to buy. If you are new to biking then in that case it is common to get confused with the types of bicycle available in the market. Your personal riding style, when you plan to buy a bicycle. With the intention to share valuable information with the new bickers Thomas Salzano has shared a list of the most common bikes that you can choose from: Mountain Bikes Road Bikes Hybrid Bicycles Recumbent Bicycles […]

Thomas N Salzano: Trending Gadgets & Accessories For Bikers

“The trending gadgets and accessories these days have made cycling more fun and safe,” says Thomas N Salzano, a  professional biker and a blogger. These new gadgets and accessories have added to the comfort level and easy learning as a rider. With the intention of sharing the market trend with the bikers here are some of the useful gadgets and accessories shared by Thomas N Salzano that you will be amazed to know about: The Ultimate Smart Bike Helmet The various Stylish Bicycle Saddle Bags Spurcycle Compact Bell Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack Orucase Saddle Bag Portland Design Works Owl Cage Bike Phone Mount Topeak FlashStand Garmin Edge 530 Computer Portland Design Works Coffee Bar- Stand U-Lock Bontrager Lon 200/Flare RT […]

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