Thomas N Salzano: Trending Gadgets & Accessories For Bikers

“The trending gadgets and accessories these days have made cycling more fun and safe,” says Thomas N Salzano, a  professional biker and a blogger. These new gadgets and accessories have added to the comfort level and easy learning as a rider.

Thomas N Salzano - Bicycle Lover

With the intention of sharing the market trend with the bikers here are some of the useful gadgets and accessories shared by Thomas N Salzano that you will be amazed to know about:

  • The Ultimate Smart Bike Helmet
  • The various Stylish Bicycle Saddle Bags
  • Spurcycle Compact Bell
  • Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack
  • Orucase Saddle Bag
  • Portland Design Works Owl Cage
  • Bike Phone Mount
  • Topeak FlashStand
  • Garmin Edge 530 Computer
Thomas N Salzano - Bicycle Lover
  • Portland Design Works Coffee Bar- Stand
  • U-Lock
  • Bontrager Lon 200/Flare RT
  • Specialized Propero III + ANGi
  • Stashable Bike Multi-Tool
  • Bike Balls Rear Light
  • TrolleyTote Folding Basket
  • High-Tech Cycling Gloves
  • Waterproof Carrier Bag

These are some of the trending gadgets and accessories available for the biker, whereas there are quite a few more based lighting systems for bikes and biker’s jackets that are not mentioned in the list.

Thomas N Salzano Cycle

You as a biker should look for such smart gadgets online for a more comfortable and fun ride is what Thomas N Salzano suggests. There is no harm in investing in such durable and useful gadgets and accessories that adds to your comfort as a rider.

Thomas N Salzano: Trending Gadgets & Accessories For Bikers

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