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About Thomas N Salzano

Thomas N Salzano, a former cyclist, is a 35 years old blogger, a caring husband, and father to a 5 years old daughter. His journey began at the age of 7 when he won the cycling race competition at his primary school in Syracuse, New York.

His father was a great fan of Gino Bartali, a world-famous Italian cyclist, and motivated Thomas to participate in more and more cycling events. Following his father’s directions, he took part in around 55 cycling marathons and won 20 local cycling races. But his cycling career ended tragically in 2016 when he got severe feet and leg injuries in a road accident.

But the accident failed to take away his spirit and passion for cycling. He is now actively working for League of American Bicyclists, the largest organization of cyclist in the United States, and has dedicated his life to the sport. Thomas can be seen in the cycling fields of the city with his daughter and wife.

After his recovery Thomas has started writing his own blogs on cycling. His focus is on motivating the youth and the other aspiring bikers to start cycling even if the reason is enjoyment. Thomas N Salzano says, “You can only love doing something when you start doing it, just planning to start will not give you any motivation.”

Thomas is presently working on students who wish to pursue a career in cycling and traveling. Thomas has even started his travel expedition on cycle to the mountains with a group of 12 people after every 2 months. He aims to promote cycling and work on eco-friendly trips. Thomas N Salzano is also planning to host a cycling marathon every year to motivate and excite the aspiring cyclists. 

Thomas N Salzano - Bicycle Lover
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