Author: Thomas N Salzano

Thomas N Salzano: Most Famous Bicycle Races

The passion for cycling and the willingness to participate will attract you to compete and be a part of the bicycle races, says Thomas N Salzano a cyclist and a famous blogger. People nowadays love to participate in marathons and other famous races to keep their passion alive. Thomas as per a professional cyclist has participated in many cycling races and has been a part of many famous marathons. Each race has its own special character that marks it out among the most famous list of professional races that take place every year. For each rider, the aim or the race may be different but one thing that remains common is that the target keeps changing with every single achievement […]

Thomas N Salzano – Safety Tips and Tips to Prevent Injuries During Cycling

Fitness is one concern that motivates you to start biking, but mainly bike riders are those who love it and are passionate about it. The increasing issue of global warming and increase air pollution is also pushing people towards biking as a medium for traveling says Thomas N Salzano a biker and a famous blogger. Biking is said to be easy but only for those who know how to ride a bike. The others who have just initiated to start biking needs to be aware of the safety measures and risk involved in it. The main risk involved in biking is the injuries which can be severe if safety measures are ignored. You are much more likely to hurt yourself […]

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